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Bulls even it up at 2 games a piece and push their record against the Heat in the Playoffs in Chicago to 9 and 0. Hell of a game. Hinrich's motor is Nashlike (that deep 3 was so clutch) and Andres Nocioni might be playing the best basketball out of anyone in the playoffs. Gordon's long range game is getting to be absurd.

Hopefully Chandler's ankle is going to be alright for game 5. The sprain looked pretty brutal I would be surprised if he was ok for Tuesdays game which is too bad because they need his inside presence on defense. There is no doubt now that the older Heat team is reeling and the Bulls are running them all over the floor.

How about Michael Redd last night dropping 40 on the Pistons? I know somebody that has got to be agitated but then again I know somebody that is probably stoked on the win.

Prediction: Bulls in 7 (is it too late for predictions?).

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Goose said... @ 5/15/2006 08:11:00 PM

Bogut takes All-Star honors next year. Bucks make it to the second round.

I'll be back shortly. See you then.

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