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Actually it never left its just now back where I intended it to be, on Tuesday instead of where it was for the past two weeks (Wednesday). Check out the Wolfmother track its a certified face melter (thx GvB). That Coup track is definitely worth a download. Don't forget to buy the albums.

Dont Miss:
?uestlove has also upped 5 MP3s of sets and songs with J.Dilla. Don't miss these head over to The Rootslive website ASAP.

Of the indie variety:
Mp3: Wolfmother - Woman (mstrkrft remix)*
Mp3: Rahim - "ForeverLove"
Mp3: Get Him Eat Him - "Exposure"
MP3: Eels - "Bus Stop Boxer"

Scissor Kick
Mp3: Lefties Soul Connection - "Organ Donor" (DJ Shadow Cover)
Mp3: The Cinematic Orchestra - "Exit Music (For a Film)" (Radiohead Cover)

Hip hop tracks:
MP3: Cadence Weapon - "Sharks"
Mp3: Aceyalone/RJD2 - "All for You"
Mp3: Jedi Mind Tricks feat Killa Sha - "Contra"
Mp3: Sage Francis - "Runaways"
Mp3: The Coup - "My Favorite Mutiny"*
Link: Lady Sovereign - "Blah Blah Blah" (Cadence Weapon Remix)
Link: N.E.R.D - "Maybe" (Sa-Ra Remix)

Video: Dave Chappelle on Inside the Actor's Studio

Wanted to say nice work by CYSTSFTS? and So Much Silence for answering the call for more hip hop. Special love goes out to JT at Feed Me Good Tunes for posting some awesome dialogue on Crash and blowing my mind and for being one tough SOB. Stay strong. Also loving No Frontin's critic of Crash. Love hearing all these different angles. Good stuff for sure. One last shout out goes to Veritas Lux Mea for knowing the struggle of finding a good job.

1 interested person(s)

JT said... @ 3/07/2006 07:58:00 PM

Much appreciated K. Also, cheers for the heads-up on that ?uestlove action.

HOW ABOUT BARRY BONDS????? I was sitting in the hospital this afternoon. The news about BB came on, and it seriously made my entire day.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the subject, and another excellent dig today. Seriously.

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