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Maybe I can start a crate digging trend on mp3 blogs. These aren't necessarily rarities but just stuff I have found and am listening to the past week or so that I have come across via the internet. I can't say enough about my favorite mp3 blogs right now: Feed Me Good Tunes, So Much Silence, and Free Motion Hip Hop. I have been snacking at Feed Me a bunch and have yet to be disappointed by their selections.

I enjoy the heavy hitters like Stereogum, Gorilla v. Bear, Ole Kentucky etc. but they typically don't have the bump that I want out of my music and usually are a bit too indie focused for me. Even though Stereogum just posted a sweet hip hop track a couple days ago (and I don't even like Fifty). Here is some good stuff to check out if you haven't already.

Blockhead-Carnivores Unite.mp3 --(get CD)
Blockhead-Middletown (Remix).mp3
Jose Gonzalez-Teardrop.mp3 --(get CD)(via Gorilla v. Bear)
Herbalizer feat. Blade-Time to Build.mp3 --(get CD)
Aesop Rock-Mars Attacks (Instramental).mp3 --(via Def Jux)
Aesop Rock-Frijoles (Instrumental).mp3
Aesop Rock-Facemelter.mp3 --(get CD)
Jackson and His Computer Band-Utopia.mp3 --(getCD)
Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS 9)-Tokyo.mp3 --(get CD)
Boards of Canada-Sequoia.mp3 --(get CD)
Boards of Canada-Hey Staturday Sun.mp3 --(get CD)
DJ Cam-Success (Kenny Dope Remix).mp3
Z-Trip-Motown Mashup (Part 1).mp3
Vitalic-My Friend Dario.mp3 --(get CD)
Vitalic-Poney (Part 1).mp3 --(via Feed Me Good Tunes)

Hopefully down the line when I figure out a place I can upload and store mp3s I can unleash my arsenal of beats but until I find that or decide to start a dedicated website I am stuck to digging around for free downloads and songs offered up through the kindness of others.

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Kevin said... @ 1/10/2006 04:45:00 PM

Thanks for the shout! I'll keep diggin' through mine for ya.

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