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I am not one to be into the dude-and-guitar music but there are exceptions. I enjoy Nick Drake, Seu Jorge and have been listening to Jose Gonzalez's latest offering Veneer. I have to admit I am a sucker for covers and he has some awesome ones in covering Joy Division and Massive Attack.

José González is a Swedish-born minstrel and "legend" in his own country (how could I dispute his legend status I have never been to Sweden so I take AMG at their word). He is pretty damn good and it takes a special someone to pull me away from my hip-hop, jazz, and electronic.

You think I like him? Well AMG is all over this guy. "Jose's sensual, sensitive, powerful vocals and supernaturally gifted guitar playing..." Supernatural eh? Hmm. Its good not sure its out of this world good but definately check it out if you haven't yet.

Veneer was all over the place in 2005 and was covered by just about every Mp3 known so this is hardly ground break commentary here. But, it is timely given that he has a new EP out in Stay in the Shade so there is some new materail and tracks and then his sweet covers.

Mp3 links:
José González-Crosses.mp3
José González-Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover).mp3
José González-Love will tear us apart (Joy Division Cover).mp3
Jose Gonzalez- Stay in the Shade.mp3

Buy--Veneer LP and/or Stay in the Shade EP from Insound.
Thanks to those that hosted these tracks Gorilla v. Bear and Each Note Secure.

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