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2006 is looking like a great year for hip hop. There are some big players putting out albums this season. Outkast and The Roots, hip hop royalty are both releasing records. MF Doom is everywhere...again. Two of my favorite producers are making appearences as well in RJD2 and DJ Danger Mouse. There might even be a new DangerDoom album coming out on Epitaph. I will try and piece together an indie version of this list but I will need to consult with my indie experts first. Here is the hip hop list in no order:

Outkast - "Idlewild" - LaFace
Madlib & MF Doom - "Madvillain 2" - Stones Throw
Aceyalone & RJD2 - "Magnificent City" - Decon
Soul Position (RJD2 + Blueprint) - Untitled Sophomore LP - Rhymesayers
Ghostface and MF Doom - "Swift & Changable" - Nature Sounds
Pharrell Williams - "In My Mind" - Interscope
The Roots - "Game Theory" - Def Jam Left
DJ Danger Mouse & Cee-Lo as Gnarls Barkley - Waxploitation
Lauryn Hill - Khulami Phase - Columbia

Mp3 sampleZ.
Gnarles Barkley - Crazy.mp3 (via Gorilla v. Bear).
Aceyalone and RJD2 - Fire.mp3 (via So Much Silence).
Madlib/Beat Konducta - The Payback.mp3 (via Stones Throw).

2 interested person(s)

JT said... @ 1/06/2006 12:43:00 PM

I have that promo copy of "Magnificent City", and it is sounding excellent. That's top of my list at the moment.

I'm kinda cooling off on MF Doom at the moment. I wasn't incredibly impressed with "The Mouse & The Mask" -- his rhyming was a lot more basic than on stuff like mmm...Food and earlier back than that, but the production was good. I expect he's gonna explode with several releases in '06, and I can never get enough of the Special Blends series.

K. said... @ 1/06/2006 01:29:00 PM

Yeah I grabbed all the songs from the Magnificent city release good stuff. I am a big RJD2 fan and can never get enough. I like The Mouse and the Mask mainly because I love Adult Swim and the concept was very cool I thought. I would agree that the rhyming isn't anything special but I enjoy Doom none the less. Mmmm...food remains one of his best works.

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